Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scripty experiments....trying out a chisel tip marker with a script hand lettering style. The word Parallax is just random, I like the way it sounds, and the letters in it.  And this photo was taken with my [not so] "smart" phone....ew. :)

Hello! And welcome to my blog: Creative, Etc. I've been on a bit of a creative hiatus for the past...well, far too long, really. And now I've determined to begin again, to step back into the process and mindset of creating. And that is honestly scary. What if I'm not as good as I used to be? What if I can't find inspiration? What if people don't like my work? What if I can't find my niche/style/voice? What if...what if...These are the questions that have plagued my subconscious, and seriously held be back from reaching any potential. As a result, I simply have not created anything, for, like I said, far too long. And then THAT becomes a vicious cycle - not creating, leads to lack of inspiration and motivation, which makes it harder and harder to create, which leads to not creating! This downward spiral will continue indefinitely, unless a change is made. And change can be pretty intimidating. But I'm no longer letting that intimidation hold me back. I'm putting my foot down, being brave, vulnerable, and open to what possibilities exist beyond the comfort of the familiar, lazy, life sucking, doldrums of this "safe", yet terrible place called not living to your full potential. And that's the thing, I know with utmost certainty that my full potential as Katelyn Nanette Banks includes being creative, something I've neglected for long enough.
The goal of this blog was originally to be a space for works in progress - kind of a digital sketchbook, if you will. As well as a place to post finished work.
So, today's the day. I'm taking a deep breath, loosening up, and beginning again. I'm not going to take my self too seriously, my main goal here is output, refinement may come later, or maybe it wont! Thank you for visiting, and for your interest in my work,  stay tuned for more!